Lynne Farrow

Author and Health Information Investigator
Cutting edge strategies to share with your health practitioner
"I believe this book should
be on every book shelf."  
--David Brownstein, MD
International Iodine expert
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The Iodine Crisis
the whistle-blowing expose of the
iodine deficiency epidemic plus
personal stories from those who
changed their lives.

50 minute radio interview discussing The Iodine Crisis
on Survive and Live Well Radio
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  • Thanks to environmental
    pollutants Iodine deficiency has
    become a worldwide epidemic.
    Everybody knows pollutants
    cause cancer. What they don't
    know is that these pollutants
    cause a deficiency that can
    make us sick, fat and stupid.

  • Iodized salt--supposedly a
    solution to iodine deficiency-- is
    actually a nutritional scam which
    provides a false sense of

  • The Iodine Crisis explains how
    we became so deficient, then
    shows the time-tested solution to
    reversing many conditions.
    Lynne Farrow reveals how she
    and thousands of other patient-
    activists changed their lives by
    researching and using iodine.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    cover everything you need to
    know about iodine. The proof of
    iodine's benefit is demonstrated
    by the dramatic case studies
    shared in this book.
What is the Iodine Crisis?